BOINC and CNT presentation

On this page you can find the BOINC presentation in .pps format. The presentation was created in order to support progress in BOINC system and to improve awareness of BOINC and its projects.

Summary of the presentation

The presentation contains description of BOINC and illustrates its applicability for wide range of scientific fields. It describes basic requirements for participation (e.g., connection to the system), several important projects and finishes with link to our webpages where one can find further details. The duration of presentation is 390 seconds, contains 23 slides and 125 photographs.

The Versions of the presenation.

You need PowerPoint for running the presentation. PowerPoing is a part of Microsoft Office or you can use PowerPoint Viewer 2003 or newer version PowerPoint Viewer 2007 which are freeware.


Full version is the best what CNT has created. It containts high quality photos with many graphics efects and music.
Size: 15,3MB



Silent version is the same like full version except the music. The size is smaller but it is recommended to use the full version with music.
Size: 8,2MB



Minimal version is almost the same like previous versions there are just low quality photos and some effects were removed. This version is suitable for sending via e-mail.
Size: 3,4MB


Who participated in the presentation

Several members from CNT participated in creation of the presentation. The most time was spent by forest and Hradelm. The work began in June and presentation was done as soon as it was possible. Me (Kyong), and human1984 helped with proof-reading and Me (Kyong), Hradelm and Zelvuska created the translation to English.

Basic timing and effects were created by human1984 and forest advanced it. Music is a part of song Follow The U.F.O by Equus TarRoc and you can find its full version here in our download section.

You can write your comment to the English section of our forum.

We are still working on versions for Linux.