Joining a project

Joining a project. In this article you can find the information about joining a project.

Joining a project

After the first running BOINC Manager the windows about joining a project will appear. Click on "Next".

In next screen you can choose a project from projects list you want to participate in. If you don't know what project to choose have a look at project section on our website. There is complete list of projects, basic description and weblinks to homesites. Choose one of the projects and click on "Next".

It will take few seconds till BOINC connect the server.

After connecting the server this screen appears and you choose whether you already have created an account or you want to create another one.

If you create a new account you have to write your e-mail address and password with minimal lenght 6 letters. If you already have an account just write your e-mail address and password. After having all signed click on "Next".

The project will again contact the server and check the information. Opět proběhne komunikace se serverem projektu při které se ověřují zadané informace.

Being everything alright the screen about connecting the project will appear. After clicking on "Finish" an internet explorer will starts with website of the project and you can name and set your account.

In this screen write your nickname. It is name of your account. I recommend you to write the nickname without using diacriticts because of deforming your nickname on most of servers. And you should write an original nickname because of searching your nickname in statistics etc. and there will be problem if more people have the same nickname. And you can choose your country and zip code. Click on "OK" and everything is done.

On the next page you can see settings about your account and project. You can join a team, change details of your profile, password and e-mail etc.

So the article is ending. You have joinged a project and maybe a team. You can join more project in the same way and so you can compute more projects on one or more computers. If you join a team you have to join the team on every project to be in the team in all accounts you have.